PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Squad Looting Tips


When it comes to looting in the squad, it is imperative that every squad member know some rules about looting. This is the reason that you should read some looting tips and rules given below:
Don’t Loot Other’s Kills:
This is a very annoying thing and can get your teammate to eventually leave the game or stop playing with you if he is sensitive. Always remember that you should never ever loot the items from the enemy that you have not killed. Meaning that you should let your teammate loot the enemy that he has killed. You did not kill that enemy so why should you loot it? If your friend tells you to loot it then it is okay to loot that enemy otherwise leave it for your friend. He worked hard for that loot so let him have it and he will do the same for you and everybody will be happy this way.

Don’t Stay in the Same Area:
This is very important. Most of the areas in the map do not contain loot that will be enough for all four players of a squad. There are some commercial areas where there are a lot of big building and all four of you can loot one building but if you land in an area that has limited buildings or houses then it is better to not loot at the same place. This is because it will not be enough for all of you. So either land at separate places that are not too far or go to different locations after you have landed but make sure to not go far and call for help if you see the enemy.

Call out Loot:
If you have come across a lot of loot that you think will be more than enough for you then you should do the right thing and tell your friends about them. This will help those friends who did not find much loot in their area to come and get the loot from your area. Also, if you see a particularly useful item like a helmet, backpack, armor or a weapon and you don’t need it, make sure to call it out so those who need it can come and get it.

Share the Loot:
This is also important. If you see a teammate who is in need of ammo, a weapon or any consumable and you have enough to lend some to him then do not hesitate. You need to make your friends strong so you have a strong offense and defense in the game and that will eventually lead you to get a chicken dinner if your strategy is right. So the point is, always share things with friends who need them.

These are some of the tips that you will find useful if you are playing as squads and want to make sure everyone gets the best looting experience.