PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Tips for Engagement

It is imperative that players know when you should be engaging with the enemies in the game. Granted, engaging is a lot of fun but if you want to progress in the game, you should know when to engage and when to avoid. Have a look at the tips below:
Fight with Purpose:
When it comes to combat, it is imperative that you know why you are fighting with an enemy. Don’t just fight for the sake of it as it is a long game and you don’t have the energy to fight with every other player you see. Sometimes you will have to let some players go. So whenever you come across an enemy, ask yourself this; will this fight put me in a better position? This will not let you engage you in fruitless fights. If you have a purpose like looting the player or killing it will help you win the game in any way then proceed with aggression otherwise avoid them.

Change Positions:
This is important. When you engage with an enemy, it is crucial that you keep changing your position. This is because the enemy will know your position and then it will be alert as soon as you make a move. You might get a grenade coming your way as well. So what you should be doing instead is to change your position whenever you get a chance. Also, when you engage in a firefight and kill a player, you should change your position because nearby enemies might have heard you and may come to your location.

Don’t Engage near Supply Drop:
You should always keep in mind that you should not engage near the supply drop even if you have grabbed the gear from it. This is because there will be more players coming towards it and if you engage with an enemy near it, you may get fired at from behind or any other direction that may eventually kill you.

Use Boosters Near End:
When you are reaching the end circle you should use the booster items. This is because if you are caught in a pinch, you will not have much time to use the Med-Kits and bandages. So the safer way is to consume booster items to replenish your health quickly and it will also be going up over time so you will be getting health while you are running to the final circle.

End Game is About Awareness:
If you are lucky enough who has managed to reach the end game where there are only a few enemies remaining besides you then instead of fighting them you should collect information. It is easier to engage with the enemies which might get you killed but the intelligent thing to do is to collect data about players. Keep tabs on them at all times and know what their positions are. This will help you in letting you know when you should engage and when you should wait.

These are some of the things that you should keep in mind when you are thinking about whether to engage with an enemy or not. Just make sure that one wrong engagement can lead to your death.