PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Tips to Escape Fights

When it comes to fighting, not everyone is good at it in the PUBG. And if you happen to come across a guy who is either better than you or you have low ammo and health then you need to escape the fight.

So there are different ways of doing that mentioned below:
Run and Hide:
This is the basic and widely used tactic. Whenever you engage with an enemy or an enemy is chasing you down, all you need to do is to get out of his sights. If you are attacked by an enemy from a distance, you need to take cover as quickly as possible. For instance if there is a sniper that is shooting you, you can run and take a cover, wait for there a few seconds and then run towards another cover. And from there, you can go into a building or at a distance that is out of the range of the sniper. Secondly, if you are getting fired at from a nearby enemy, you can always run in the zigzag as it will help you dodge the bullets and make sure to have a pan so the ones that hit you will be stopped by the pan.

Use Vehicle:
This is one of the easiest ways out. But, you should have a vehicle nearby. You may have stopped your vehicle to get inside a building for the loot and then suddenly you see a player coming towards you firing at you, so instead of engaging with him just enter your vehicle and race out of there. Then you can, of course, turn out the vehicle, come back and then run it off him to kill him.

Use a Building:
This is the fun one. It is more like the enemy chasing you and you are running. This mostly happens at the start of the game where your nearby enemy manages to get his hands on the weapon while you haven’t gotten a weapon yet. So what you can do is run while he is chasing you and then enter a building. The best thing about most of the buildings is that they have a backdoor or if not then there are windows. So what you need to do is to get inside the building and then run through the back door or jump out of the window and then enter another building, do this until you find a weapon in one of the buildings or manage to lose the enemy.

Kill The Enemy:
This is obvious. If you don’t want to run or cannot run for some reason then you will have to just kill the enemy to escape the fight. But, you can avoid most of his bullets while you are shooting him. You can do that by using a trick called dribble. Here you more left and right while shooting the enemy and he gets confused about where to shoot as you are moving constantly.

So these are some of the tips related to escaping the fight. The different methods mentioned above will definitely help you in different scenarios.