Pokemon Go Battery Saving Tips

Pokemon go's biggest issue tends to be how quickly it will kill your phone's battery. So how do you prolong the life of your phone and try to get the most out of this game on your limited power supply? Well, here's a few tips that should help.

Step 1)Enable power saver mode.
I know for a while there this was causing some issues to the point where Niantic actually removed it entirely from the Apple iOS devices, to the outrage of many players, but it is now back and better than ever! In that it actually works correctly now. If you go into your settings located in the top right hand corner you can enable this mode by ensuring there is a check mark in the box beside it.


Step 2)Turn off both music and sound.
Even if you have your phone's volume muted while you play, the app is still attempting to play the sounds and using up a small amount of processing power for it. In the same menu as the battery saver mode is an option to turn each of these off completely.


Step 3)Get a portable power source.
What better way to increase the lifespan of your battery then by getting a second portable battery you can carry with you and plug your phone into at the same time? Pokemon Go has inspired quite a lot of neat designs for these as well, I've seen pokeballs that clip to your belt with a build in battery pack, to pokedexs that are both a case for your phone and hold a battery to charge your phone at the same time.


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