Preventing Coins from Disappearing in Temple Run 2

The problem of lost coins in Temple Run 2 has become a common complaint among players of the popular mobile game. One moment, they’ll be running through a long round with their coin count around 5,000, and the next moment, they’ll be down to about 3,000 coins—even though the tally should have gone up. Read on to learn how to solve the issue.

Step 1
First, you have to understand where your coins are going. The game, believe it or not, is not just stealing them from you to encourage you to spend actual money on the game. Instead, they are using a sneaky method to trick you into approving a big expenditure.

Specifically, you are losing your coins when you accept the speed boost head start provided to you at the beginning of some rounds.

Step 2
So how can you avoid the lost coins? When the speed boost option comes up at the beginning of a round, ignore it. The boost reads “2,500”, which some users have interpreted as distance—as in, it will give you a head start to 2,500 meters. This isn’t the case. Instead, the “2,500” represents the number of coins you will have to spend to use the boost.

By passing on the head start, you will notice that your coins stop disappearing and build up a lot more quickly. It’s frustrating that the developer put this function into the game without making it clear that the number “2,500” is a cost and not a distance. Luckily, the problem is very easy to solve.