Quickly Access Camera from Control Center in iPhone (iOS 11)

There might be instances when you want to capture a picture without any delay.
Be it a rare moment that you believe would never come again, or it’s a funny and unique expression by your friend that they give once in a while, Control Center in your iPhone running iOS 11 lets you access the camera quickly, without even unlocking your phone.
Here’s how:
    Wake up your iPhone
    Press the Sleep/Wake button (or the Home button in some iPhone models). This wakes up your iPhone’s screen, but keeps it locked.

    Open Control Center
    Swipe the screen from the bottom to top (from the top-right corner to down in iPhone X). This opens Control Center that contains shortcuts to various apps and features to work with, without unlocking your device.
    Launch the Camera app

Tap the Camera icon from the Control Center. This launches the Camera app and lets you capture the photos. The captured image is visible as a thumbnail at the bottom-left corner of the camera, and when tapped, the image appears in full screen.



Note: If your iPhone is protected with a passcode, you can still capture images and can view them in full screen by tapping their thumbnail from within the Camera app. However, you must provide the correct passcode to access the entire All Photos album.