Receive Email Alerts for LinkedIn Job Postings You May Be Interested in

LinkedIn is a social networking website that is also used for professional purposes and by many professionals across the globe, and allows you to search for the available job opportunities that are posted on the site by others.

Here’s how you can receive regular email notifications for the latest job openings on LinkedIn:

1. Sign-in to your LinkedIn account using any web browser.
2. On the Home page, click the Jobs menu from the menu bar at the top.

3. On the Jobs page, click the Advanced search link located under the Search button from the upper section.

4. On the expanded Jobs section, type the desired job (or related keywords) in the Search field from the top.
5. Provide the other (optional) details in the other available fields as required.
6. Click the Search button to conduct the search.

7. Once the SEARCH interface opens up, click the Save search link from the top-right corner.

8. On the Saved Searches popup box, click the Alert drop-down list.
9. From the displayed options, select the preferred notification frequency. (E.g. Never, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)
10. Once done, click the ‘Tick’ sign highlighted in green color available next to the drop-down list in order to create the alert.

11. Finally, click the Close button from the top right corner to exit the opened popup box.