Remotely Wipe Data from a Stolen iPhone

Your iPhone may contain important data and the kind of information that you don’t want anyone else to access.
That said, in case your phone gets stolen, you must either get it back or wipe all your sensitive info from it in order to keep the records from being misused in any manner.
Here’s how you can erase all your data remotely from a stolen iPhone, in case you’re unable to get it back:
    Get to the iCloud website
    On a Windows or Mac computer, open your favorite web browser, and go to This opens the iCloud website and lets you sign in to your iCloud account.


    Sign in to your iCloud account
    Enter your Apple ID and password in their corresponding fields, and press Enter (or click the Sign In (Go) button). This signs you in to your iCloud account, and lets you manage all your associated iOS devices from the web browser itself.

    Select your iPhone
    Click Find iPhone, click All Devices from the top of the next page that opens up, and click your iPhone that you want to wipe remotely. This selects the iPhone, shows its location or current state (if powered off) on the screen.



    Initiate data erasure (authentication)
    Click Erase iPhone, click Erase in the box that pops up, enter you Apple account’s password when prompted, answer the security questions, and click Continue. This verifies your ID and confirms if you’re the right person to wipe your iPhone’s data remotely.




    Wipe the data

Click Next from the top-right corner of the Erase iPhone box, and click Done. This begins erasing your iPhone’s data regardless of its current location. Optionally you can enter your alternate number and a custom message before clicking Next and Done respectively if you want them to be displayed on the phone’s screen after the data is wiped out.


Note: If your iPhone is switched off, the erasure process remains pending, and begins as soon as your phone is powered on and comes online.

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