Set Reply Notifications for Individual Emails In iOS 11

If you’re waiting for a reply for any of your important mails, you may have to check the Mails app frequently, especially when you have disabled the badge for unread emails on the app’s icon.
To save your time and overhead, Apple allows you to set alert notifications on your emails you’re expecting replies for. Once set up correctly, every time your selected email receives a reply, you are notified instantaneously, and you can act accordingly from there.
Here’s how you can set reply notifications on an email in your iOS 11 device:
    Get to the Inbox
    Tap the Mail icon from the Home screen, and tap Inbox from the Mailboxes window. This opens the Inbox of the email you configured in the Mail app.


    Open the important email
    Tap the email you want to set reply notifications for. This opens the email, and lets you manage the entire discussion.

    Set reply notifications

Tap the Flag icon from the bottom-left corner, tap Notify Me from the menu that pops up, and then tap Notify Me again. This sets the reply notifications for the email. From now onward, every time the email receives a reply, you’ll be notified about it instantaneously.