Splitting Data DVD for Multiple CDs

How many times have you faced the situation where you have a massive DVD full of very important data/information, and the most important information/application that you really want to preserve before you destroy or return the DVD back to its original owner is too large in size to fit into one CD?

It happens with most computer users every 2[super]nd[/super] day.
Although there can be several solutions for this situation, and dozens can be found online explaining several tools, plug-ins, software applications, that are precisely designed and developed to solve the purpose, this tutorial focuses on giving you the instructions to make such complex task easier without downloading or purchasing any other application that may be costly and not very user-friendly as well.

The simple trick to get this done is with the help of WinRAR. WinRAR is a standalone application that can be downloaded as a trial version from its official website. The best part of WinRAR is that even if its trial period expires, the application doesn’t stop working. However after the trial period of WinRAR expires, it keeps prompting the users about the expiration of the applications license duration and keeps suggesting them to purchase a licensed copy of the software.

For this tutorial you do not have to purchase licensed copy of WinRAR, and the current version/copy of the application that you are using right now (even the unlicensed copy with expired trial period) can be used to get the task done.

Below is the process using which you can split a complete data DVD so that it can be stored in multiple CDs for future references or for data storage purposes:

    ■Log on to the computer on which you want to perform the task.

    ■Once logged on, locate the folder, DVD, or ISO image of the DVD that is to be split into multiple fragments.

    ■Right-click the target object.

    ■From the displayed context menu, click Add to archive option.


    ■On the opened Archive name and parameters box, make sure that you are on the General tab.

    ■From the Split to volumes, bites section at the bottom, click to select CD700 from the displayed drop-down list.


    ■Once done, click the Browse button to browse for and locate the destination location where the multiple parts of the DVD should be stored after fragmentation.

    ■Make sure that all other parameters are set to their correct values, and finally click OK button to start the splitting process.
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