Splitting, Merging and Undocking the iPad Keyboard

When Apple designed the iPad, they intended the tablet to be used like a mini computer, which meant that the system keyboard was laid out in a screen-spanning QWERTY arrangement. But if you would prefer to use your iPad more as an oversized iPhone, Apple also has options for you: specifically, the iPad allows you to “undock” the keyboard and split it into two sections for easy thumb typing. Using these tips will allow you to split your keyboard and merge it back together again, depending on different situations.

Step 1

You’ll notice a small keyboard icon on the bottom right-hand corner of your keyboard. Press and hold the key. A small menu will pop up allowing you to either “undock” or “split” your keyboard. Select “Split.” Your keyboard will divide into two sections.

Step 2

Splitting your keyboard in two will also undock it, which means that you will be able to move it up and down your screen. To do this, hold the keyboard key down again, and drag the keyboard to wherever on the screen is most comfortable or convenient to you.

Step 3

To put your keyboard back together, tap the keyboard key again and select “merge.” This will put the two pieces of your keyboard back together. You can also select “dock and merge,” which will put the keyboard together and return it to its default position.

Step 4

If you wish to simply undock the merged keyboard so you can move it around, hold the keyboard icon key down and select “Undock.” Use the same method described above to move the keyboard around.


Whether you want to type with your thumbs or simply don’t like where the keyboard is situated on your iPad, Apple has made it easy to customize the keyboard. Use the steps provided above to do so.