Stardew Valley – Artisan Goods: Making Specialty Goods


Players can sell materials and raw produce that they make, but you can also take it further and use your fresh ingredients to product Artisan Goods. Items including wine, cloth, cheese, and beer can be sold at a higher value because of the extra time put into them. Following is a guide of artisan crafting stations.
How It Works
Once you access the crafting tab, start working on building these artisan objects according to the capacity. Hold the goods and then click on the building to place them inside. This will start the timer of the structure automatically. Once it is done, you can click on it to harvest the Artisan Goods.
Both Bee Houses and Tappers make the goods themselves.

You only have to harvest them. Meanwhile, other need a vegetable, fruit, or any other product to function. The ideal time for making these Artisan Goods is during winter if you have items saved up for converting. This way, you can make additional money during the worst season.
The initial quality of the ingredients doesn’t affect any of this. Players that have chosen Tiller as the farming level 5 profession can select the Artisan profession at level 10 which increases the price of these goods by 50%.
Generally, you can relocate these crafting sessions using the pickaxe and put them in a desirable place. Estimates regarding the time it takes to produce something are inexact and come up one day earlier too.
- Ale, Juice, Wine, and Beer
- Made Using: Keg (Farming Level 8)

- Requirements: 30 Wood, Oak Resin, Copper Bar, Clay, Iron Bar
The time it takes: 7 days for Wine, 4 days for Juice, and 2 days for Pale Ale/Beer
Since Ale is considered to be a workhorse, it can help you get double or even triple the value out of hops, wheat, vegetables, and fruits produced on your farm. Wine is made using fruits, Juice requires any vegetable, Beer uses wheat, and Pale Ale is made using hops. It is better to use expensive fruits for wine because of how long it takes and how your keg stays tied up until it is ready.
Both Pale Ale and Beer are sold for 200 or 300g. Meanwhile, Juice is 2x the base value of the vegetable used and Wine is 3x the base value of the fruit used.
- Honey
- Made Using: Bee House (Farming Level 3)

- Requires: 8 Coal, 40 Wood, Maple Syrup, Iron Bar
The time it takes: 4 days
Plant a flower within 5x4 tiles near a bee house and bees will automatically start working on producing honey. Numerous Beehives can work on one flower so that you can simply surround a lone flower with bee houses. Then, you can harvest the honey after every 4 days. It is a good idea to place a sprinkler with the flower so that it is hands-off.
- Mayonnaise
- Made With: Mayonnaise Machine (Farming Level 2)

- Requirements: 15 Stone, 15 Wood, Copper Bar, Earth Crystal
The time it takes: 3 hours
The value of eggs can be quadrupled with the Mayonnaise machine and it only takes one in-game today to prepare. You can create more valuable mayonnaise using duck eggs; gold-star quality can be sold for 450g.