Stardew Valley – Guide About Evelyn


Evelyn is one of the oldest characters in Stardew Valley, in fact she is probably the second oldest as the oldest person in Stardew Valley has to be George her husband. Evelyn lives in the main town in Stardew Valley with her husband and her grandson Alex. She is the sweetest old lady and fits the perfect stereotype of the sweet old Granny who always has cookies for all her visitors. In fact when you meet her for the first time she asks you to call her Granny and when you reach a certain level of friendship with her she will treat you to her delicious cookies which are an excellent snack and are chockfull of energy.
Evelyn’s Schedule:
Evelyn’s schedule varies from season to season but you can mostly find her in the town square tending to the flowers, if she is not there then she is probably at home taking care of George because of his condition. If she is not in these places then that means she is following the schedule according to the season. Her schedule is not complicated at all so here it is:
Spring: She leaves the house on Sunday at 3:00 pm to take care of the plants near the Stardrop Saloon.

Summer: She goes to the Community Center if you have it rebuilt and works in the craft room at 12:30 pm.

Fall: She leaves the house at 1:00 pm and comes back home at 4:30 pm and starts cooking dinner for George and her.

Winter: You can find her near the Christmas tree from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the town square.
In all of the seasons she never leaves the house if it is raining.

Evelyn’s Gift Guide:
Like most of the characters in Stardew Valley you can give Evelyn certain gifts which will either raise your friendship with her or lower it. You would profit from giving her Fairy Rose, Tulip, Beet, Diamond, Stuffing, Chocolate Cake, daffodil, every type of Milk. You should not give her Wild Horseradish, Quartz, Clay, Trout Soup, Sashimi, Clam, Garlic, Maki Roll, Coral, Spicy Eel, Salmonberry, Fried Eel, Spice Berry, Holly and any Universal Hates or Dislikes.
Evelyn’s Heart Events:
The more hearts you have with Evelyn the better because at certain levels of hearts you get special items. For example at 4 hearts you can visit her house and she will give you cookies as well as a recipe for how to make cookies. At 7 she will send you a recipe for Rice Pudding which you can retrieve from your mailbox.
Evelyn is a sweet old lady and she really appreciates you for taking the time to visit her, talk to her and giving her gifts. She is always kind to you and even makes you feel at ease around George who is a little cranky unless you are friends with him. She also knows everyone in the town and you can learn a lot from her about the people living in Stardew Valley.