Stardew Valley - Linus Basket; Where to find?


Stardew Valley is full of quests to do and stuff to find and there are a lot of quests which are so difficult that they usually have people stumped. One of these such quests is the hunt for Linus’ missing Blackberry Basket. The quest is not that hard but the thing that people get stuck on is the fact that the game does not give you any indication where the basket would be. There is no mention of the basket by Linus or any of the other townspeople. It is like the basket does not exist for them. So here are the details of the quest and what you need to do to complete it.
Linus is one of the strangest people in Stardew Valley. By that I don’t mean that he is weird, he is just different. He likes the company of nature better than the people around him and he chooses to live away from the town because he does not like to be judged by the people that live there. To accommodate for his unique lifestyle Linus has certain tools which help him survive and one of those tools is his basket. He uses the basket to collect Blackberries in fall. Unfortunately he loses his basket on the 8th of Fall in the first year and he looks to you to help him. He drops a letter off in your mailbox in which he explains what he lost and asks you to help him retrieve the basket.
- The location of the basket is very weird because it is in such a place that it does not look like that it would exist. The directions to the basket are fairly simple though. The first place you should head to is to the right exit of your farm which leads you to the bus station.

- If you head into the tunnel on the left you will find a path which leads to a solid dead end. At the end of that road you will find a berry basket that will be stained with blackberry juice. That is the basket which Linus lost.

- Once you pick up the basket you should head over to the place where Linus usually is which the tent above Robin’s house is.

- If you walk to him he will automatically take the basket from your inventory and thank you for returning it to him. When you complete the quest you will get 1 friendship heart with Linus.

Hopefully you will be able to get through this quest with the information provided as it can be quite challenging to know where the basket is. The only way to complete this quest without any help is to go into every area in Stardew Valley and look in every nook and cranny until you find it. The quest is also important because it is considered the main game quest as it shows up in your mailbox and the quest is given to you so that you are tempted to garner a friendship with Linus.
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