Stardew Valley - Penny: Guide and Tips


Penny is one of the six female characters in Stardew valley which you can date and marry. She lives with her mom near to the river. She is probably the one who is closest to being a perfect housewife. She really wants to start her own family; she loves to cook even though she is not that good at it and she also loves to read. She can be found in the main town square but we have put together a guide so that you know exactly where she is and what she likes so that you can woo her for marriage yourself.
Penny’s Schedule:
Penny is one of the more complex Non-Playable Characters which means that her schedule changes depending on the season. Here is what her schedule is like throughout all the seasons.
Spring: You can find her either in her trailer or near the graveyard reading books. You may also find her with Maru near the Saloon.
Summer: On Monday, Thursday and Sunday you can find her near Joja Mart just hanging out near the river.

On Tuesday and Saturday you can find her near the graveyard reading and on Wednesday and Friday she tutors Jas and Vincent in the local Museum.
Fall: On Sunday, Monday and Thursday you can find her reading near the graveyard. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday she teaches Jas and Vincent in the Museum and on Saturday she takes the two kids to the playground so that they can play together.
Winter: Her schedule in winter is the same as in summer. The only difference is that on Saturday she takes Vincent and Jas to the local playground.
Penny’s Gift Guide:
As with all the people in Stardew Valley, Penny has certain gifts that she likes and certain gifts that she absolutely cannot stand. You can give her a bunch of stuff like Poppy, Diamond, Poppyseed Muffin, Melon, Tom Kha Soup, Red Plate, Emerald, Sandfish, Roots Platter, Leek, Dandelion, all kinds of Milks as well as any items from the Universal Loves and Likes categories.

You should not give her Wool, Quartz, Salmonberry, Algae Soup, Purple Mushroom, Duck Feather, Red Mushroom, Pale Broth, Wine, Holly, Beer, Mead, Grape, Rabbit’s Foot, Hops, Pale Ale as well as any items from the Universal Hates or Dislikes categories.

Penny’s Heart Events:
There aren’t that many heart events with Penny, beyond the basic even number ones. At 2 hearts you will see her helping George and he will be mad about. If you stick up for Penny she will like you more.

At 4 hearts you will help Penny clean up her trailer and at 6 she will try out her new recipe on you. It will be terrible but it is better if you lie about it being good. At 8 you will take a walk with her and you will talk about family and at 10 hearts she will confess her feelings for you.