Switch Between the Bird and Pork Sides in Angry Birds Star Wars II

In Angry Birds Star Wars II, you’re faced with a weighty decision: will you join the Bird Side or the Pork Side? If you change your mind during the game, the guide below will teach you how to switch between the Bird and Pork sides.

Step 1:
Open up your game and choose one of two available chapters to start with: Naboo Invasion or Escape to Tatooine.

Step 2:
If you start with Naboo Invasion, you will begin by default on the Bird Side. If you want to join the Pork Side, you’ll have to earn 20 stars by playing through the levels. Once you earn 20 stars, you’ll have the option to switch to the Pork side.

Step 3:
If you start out with Escape to Tatooine, you choose your side as soon as you enter the game. You can choose the Bird Side or the Pork Side to start, but you will have to stay on that side until you earn 20 stars. Once you have 20 stars, you’ll be able to unlock the other side and begin playing on that side.

Step 4:
If you choose the Bird Side, you’ll be able to use Anakin’s moves from Episode I, R2D2’s electric burst attacks, Yoda’s lightsaber attacks, Jar-Jar Binks’s sticky tongue maneuver, and even C3PO’s self-detonation explosion.

Step 5:
If you choose the Pork Side, you can use Count Dooku’s powerful weapon throw, Darth Maul’s double-sided lightsaber assault, or Jango Fett’s explosive rocket launcher.

Use the guide above to switch between the Bird Side and the Pork Side in Angry Birds Star Wars II. May the force be with you!