Syncing an Android Phone With a MacBook

Because Apple wants its customers to use multiple Apple devices at once, it is remarkably easy to sync everything, from email to music to contacts, between an iPhone and a MacBook. If you have an Android phone and a MacBook laptop, on the other hand, you will have to do slightly more work to make sure all of your data is synced. Here is how to seamlessly integrate your Android device with your Apple MacBook computer.

Step 1

Highlight the programs that you use most on your MacBook and the programs you use most on your Android. Are you a big iTunes listener who wants to integrate his laptop library with his phone? Or are you a big iPhoto user who wants her Android phone to work directly with Apple’s photo management software? Making a list of your essential programs will help you decide which things need syncing and which really don’t.

Step 2

Sync your MacBook mail app with Gmail. Since Gmail (or rather, everything Google) is the standard with Android, it will be the easiest email client to use on your device. Luckily, it’s also remarkably easy to sync your Gmail inbox with your MacBook mail app. Just open Mail, select Preferences from the dropdown menu, click “Accounts,” and fill in your Gmail information under “Google IMAP.” Your Gmail account will not automatically sync with Mail.

Step 3

Sync your music. There are numerous ways to do this: one option is to upload your music to Google Music, Amazon Cloud Drive, or some other cloud service, and then use the mobile app for that service to access and stream your music from the cloud. This is a great way to have all of your music accessible from your device, though it is a less reliable method than having playlists and albums localized to your phone’s drive.

The other option is to use a program called DoubleTwist, which you can download to your MacBook for free (find it here). DoubleTwist is an iTunes-like program that allows you to manage your music on your laptop and then sync it with your Android device, just like you would sync an iPhone with iTunes.

Once it’s on your phone, your music can be played by any Android media player, though you might want to download the $4.99 DoubleTwist mobile app so you can sync your music between your computer and your phone via Wi-Fi, without the help of a cord!

DoubleTwist can also sync your photos and videos between your Android and your MacBook, making it the ultimate “three birds, one stone” software for a situation like this.


Apple makes it remarkably easy to sync an iPhone with a MacBook, but distinctly more difficult to use an Android device with a Mac computer. Luckily, with the help of integrated options and third-party sync software, you will be able to use your Android with your MacBook as if it was an iPhone!