Talk To A Real Person At Comcast Customer Service


It is so hard to get through to a customer service agent these days. There are endless buttons to push, and information to enter, when all you want is to talk to a real live person. There should be a shorter route to a person. Follow this tutorial to get to a human Comcast customer service representative fast.

1. Dial... 1-800-934-6489


2. When the system asks for the phone number on your account, press "0".

3. Once it starts talking again and says "Sorry", press "0" again.

4. At this point you don't want to hit any buttons. You just want to make a noise. A very light cough works well.

Yes, I know it sounds rather odd, but if you don't want to spend more time pressing 0s (as it takes 3 or 4 more 0s pressed when the speaking starts to get to the same place as the noise takes you), then making a noise is the faster route.

Once you have made a noise, you should hear the system say it will be getting you to an agent.

5. Now just ask them whatever you need to (or have them transfer you to the correct department if you got the wrong one).

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