Tips to minimize vibrations while flying a drone

One issue that may occur while flying a drone is excessive vibration. This can make the drone fly and hover erratically. Take these steps to reduce vibration while flying your drone:


1. When you notice a vibration while flying your drone, first examine your drone and how it flies.
2. Most drone vibration is due to the frame and the propellers. Frame flex is a big cause of excessive vibration. Your frame should be as rigid as possible.
3. If your frame is not as rigid as possible, you can attach Dubro foam to one of the levels of it. Use a strong adhesive glue to attach the foam.
4. You can apply gel pads to your flight control board. There is a variety of gel pads on the market. Place them on each corner of the flight control board to help minimize vibration.
5. Use O-rings to mount the flight controller on the control board. For the most part, silicone O-rings will dampen vibration better than others.
6. Check your propellers. If your drone leans one way or another or doesn’t hover properly, it may be because of propellers that are out of balance. Those propellers can cause excessive vibration and wear on a motor. If the propellers are out of balance, you can adjust them pretty easily by adding tape to them.

Minimizing vibration is a key to flying your drone smoothly. Take the proper steps to control vibration, and you should have no problems.