Top 20 smart home health and fitness gadgets


A smart home should not only keep you comfortable, save energy, cash and offer quality of life enhancements, it should also help keep you healthy. With the smart device market expanding massively, there are a few health products that promise to do just that. Not all are created equal, which is why I put together this overview of the top 20 smart home health and fitness gadgets that actually work.

20. SensorWake
Waking up the right way is an essential part of our overall wellbeing. So what if you were awoken by a nice smell instead of an alarm bell or alert? The SensorWake recreates the smell of fresh bread, coffee or chocolate and wafts it in front of you to get you to wake up. It does have an audible alarm as a backup though.

19. Vessyl Cup
Vessyl Cup is a smart cup that holds the liquid you’re drinking like a good cup should. It also analyzes the contents and tells you the composition of it including calories, sugar content, caffeine content and more. As long as you don’t mind being told, the results can then be collated with its own smartphone app.

18. FOODSniffer
The FOODSniffer does exactly what it says on the box. It sniffs your food to check for spoilage and makes sure meat, dairy and other produce is safe to eat. If you’re one of those who pushes the dates on food to their limits, this could be for you.

17. Breathometer Mint
Breathometer Mint analyzes your breath to check for odor and hydration level. Nobody wants bad breath but it is often a symptom of poor dental hygiene which has far-reaching implications. Using this smart gadget can help control that.

16. TAO Wellshell
The TAO Wellshell looks like a computer mouse but is actually a mini gym. It interacts with a smartphone app that includes a range of exercise routines that help you keep fit and strong.

15.Withings Body Cardio Scale
The Withings Body Cardio Scale is a smart scale that also tells you your BMI, body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass and insight into your general cardio health. It’s a neat scale for those who aren’t afraid to look deep into themselves.

14. Intelligent Asthma Management Kit

You don’t need me to tell you how much asthma can affect your life. That’s why I’m featuring the Intelligent Asthma Management Kit. This smart device provides constant monitoring, can alert your medical practitioner if necessary and alert you to symptoms of an attack. Genius.

13. Valedo Back Therapy Kit
If you have ever suffered from back pain, the Valedo Back Therapy Kit could be for you. It’s a smart gadget that combines monitoring and gaming to encourage users to move and exercise. It has been around a while now and has many positive reviews.

12. CubeSensors
CubeSensors monitor air quality, light, noise, temperature, humidity and more. It’s a standalone product that has its own app that delivers all the data you need to sleep better and breathe easier.

11. Scanadu Scout
The Scanadu Scout is another scanner that can monitor but this time it is you and not the environment. It monitors heart rate, skin temperature, core body temperature, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and more.

10. Kolibree
Kolibree is a smart toothbrush that monitors your brushing habits and can gamify the routine to keep you brushing well. As you would expect, it comes with its own app to keep you and the children interested and informed.

9. Beddit Sleep Tracker
The Beddit Sleep Tracker sits under your pillow and tracks your breathing, snoring, movement, sleep pattern, vital signs and environment to help you understand your sleep and make adjustments for better sleep.

8. Wii Fit U
Wii Fit U is Nintendo’s next generation games console with some new tricks up its sleeve. Better fitness games and routines, dance workouts, yoga, balance games and more. All within a little white box. Plus, it plays normal games too.

7. Wello iPhone Case
The Wello iPhone Case turns your iPhone into a medical scanner that can tell you your heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, oxygen level, stress level, temperature and other metrics. It’s a neat case that you soon forget is there.

6. DietSensor SCiO Scanner
The DietSensor SCiO Scanner is a hand held device that can analyze the contents of food and send you the results to your phone. It is limited to scanning individual elements of food but seems fairly accurate.

5. Sensoria Smart Sock
While not exactly a smart home gadget, the Sensoria Smart Sock is too good to ignore. The sock includes a pressure sensor that analyzes your gait as you run and can tell you when you’re running too fast or slow and whether you need to adjust your foot position as you move.

4. Spün
The Spün is smart cutlery done right. The Spün can break down and analyze your food as you load it. Take a picture of the food and Spün checks it, then checks it as you eat while sending the data to your phone. The future of dieting right here.

3. Cue Deep Health Tracker
If you’re definitely not afraid of what you might find, the Cue Deep Health Tracker analyzes your saliva and delivers a very detailed breakdown of what it finds. It can even check testosterone and fertility levels with a couple of addons!

2 .Lumo Lift
Lumo Lift is a tiny wearable that will alert you when you slouch. Designed for those with poor posture or weak backs, the device sits under a shirt and will vibrate every time you start sliding down.

1. Kinsa Smart Thermometer
The Kinsa Smart Thermometer connects to your smartphone and can track readings over time, alert you to possible symptoms and offer basic medical advice depending on what it finds. Great if you have kids!

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