Transfer content between Apple devices

It’s a sad fact of the modern world that we’re constantly having to transfer our content to new devices. Perhaps you need to move your contacts from an old iPhone to a new one, or maybe you want to get the app data from your iPhone onto a new iPad. Luckily, Apple makes it fairly easy to transfer your content from one Apple device to another. Use the steps outlined below to make the data transfer as easy as possible.

Step 1
On your device, open “Settings,” select “iCloud,” and scroll down to “Storage and Backup.” You’ll see various options for managing storage, as well as an “iCloud Backup” switch that you can turn on and off.

Step 2
Turn iCloud Backup on. Your device will ask you to confirm the switch and will say something about no longer backing up content automatically when you connect to iTunes. Click “OK.”

Step 3
Turn Wi-Fi on, and return to the Storage and Backup menu. You should now see and select an option to “Back Up Now.” If your battery is low, connect to power because backups can take awhile to finish.

Step 4
Go to your new device. If you’re starting the device up for the first time, you’ll be taken through a series of set-up requirements including language, Wi-Fi network, and more. If you have used your phone, reset it (Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings) so you can get back to the setup process.

Step 5
One of the options in the device setup is to “Restore from iCloud Backup.” Select this option, and tap next. You’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID information and to choose your backup. Select the most recent backup, and let your new device fill with the content from your old device!

Doing all of this will move your contacts, text messages, photos, and more over to your next device. You will have to manually load any music, movies, TV shows, or apps not purchased from iTunes, but most of your content should make the transfer!