Transfer Your Puzzles & Dragons Data From Your Android Device To An iPhone

Puzzles & Dragons is a hot new video game being played by millions around the globe. The game is a combination of two types of gameplay. It is a puzzle game, where players move and match tiles in a grid, and it is also a monster collecting role-playing game. Players can acquire monsters within the game when they solve different tile-matching puzzles.

The game data that players have saved on their Android device can be transferred to one that uses the iOS operating system. To do so, players must start the game on their Android device. On the bottom menu, you will need to “Issue Device Change Code.” You will receive this code via an in-game email. It is important to understand that the device change code is only valid for one week from the time it was issued.

To complete the transfer, you will access your iOS device and make sure that Puzzles & Dragons is installed on it.

Open the app and when it asks you to name it, do not do so. What you want to do first to choose “transfer game data using device change code.”

You will be asked to enter the device change code along with your ID.

Step 3:
Enter both and confirm that they are correct. Once you confirm that all of the data is correct, the transfer will begin.

Step 4: All of the Puzzles & Dragons data from the Android device will now be on the iOS device. You will have to restart the app before you can play it the first time.