Transferring Puzzles & Dragons Data From iOS to Android

If you have recently changed from a device using the iOS operating system to one using Android, it is possible for you to transfer all of your Puzzles & Dragons data. The process is fairly simple to follow and will allow you to continue playing at your current level on your new device.

Step 1:
You must first access a device change code. To do so, you must open the game app on your current device. On the screen’s menu, you must find “Device Change” and select “Issue Device Change Code.” This code will be issued to you via in-game mail. The message will have both your ID and device change code. Keep these as you will need them to complete the data transfer.

Step 2:
On your new device, you must have installed the Puzzles & Dragons app. If you haven’t already, do that first and then launch it. When you launch it the first time, it will ask you to name it. You do not want to name it at this point. Select “Transfer Game Data Using Device Change Code.”

Step 3:
At this point, you will enter the ID and the device change code that was given to you on your old device. Input both and select “OK.” You will then be asked if everything is correct. If not, make the correct changes. If everything is correct, press “Yes” and the data transfer will start.

Recap: Once the transfer is complete, you can restart the app and begin playing. The transfer process is not difficult and can be completed in a matter of minutes.