Troubleshoot App Store Purchases That Are Not Updating

Applications are consistently getting new updates, whether to fix bugs, add new features, offer a new and stylish interface, or provide some other kind of change. For whatever reason, though, sometimes updates fail, or get stuck in the middle of a download. Use the following steps to troubleshoot such failed updates on your Apple iOS device.

Step 1
To start, find out whether all of your apps are failing to update or if it’s just a few of them. To do this, go to the App Store on your device, tap the “Updates” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and tap “Update All.” If all the apps get stuck, you know the problem is really just a glitch with your device. If the problem is isolated to one app, there may actually be an issue with that app update.

Step 2
Turn off your iOS device by holding down the home button and then sliding the power off switch that appears on the screen. Leave it off for a few seconds, and power it up again. This should give your device a new slate, which may in turn make it possible to update apps again.

Step 3
Sometimes, apps get stuck in the middle of a download simply because your device gets confused with the authentication process. There are two ways to shake your device back to its senses. The first is to try downloading an entirely new app from the App Store, and the second is to logout of your Apple ID and then log back in. Both of these can help break the cycle of frozen downloads.

It can be incredibly frustrating when an iOS app won’t update. Luckily, this problem is usually just a glitch with your device, your operating system, or your Apple ID, and is fairly easy to solve. Use the above steps to fix the issue!