Use the Pebble App Store on Your iPhone

As a proud owner of a Pebble smartwatch, accessing Pebble App Store to get various apps or watch faces for your smartwatch would be a common practice for you. If you have an iPhone and have connected your Pebble watch with it, things can become remarkably simple.

You can use the Pebble App Store right on your iPhone by following the steps given below:

    ■Switch on your iPhone by pressing the Sleep/Wake button.
    ■Connect the Pebble watch with your iPhone via Bluetooth.
    ■From the Home screen, tap App Store.

    ■Once opened, search for Pebble smart watch.

    ■When found, tap INSTALL to install the app.
    ■After the app is installed, tap OPEN to launch the app.

    ■From the welcome to pebble screen, tap START.

    ■From the next window, tap I’M a NEW PEBBLE USER.

    Note: If you already have a Pebble account, tap I HAVE A PEBBLE ACCOUNT and follow the on-screen instructions to go to the MY PEBBLE window.
    ■On the opened CREATE ACCOUNT window, populate the available fields and tap CREATE ACCOUNT from the bottom.

    ■Thereafter, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.
    ■Once the MY PEBBLE window shows up, tap the More icon (icon with the three horizontal lines) from the top-left corner.

    ■From the displayed list, tap GET APPS or GET WATCHFACES to access the Pebble App Store.

    ■Finally, from the APPS/WATCHFACES page, search for the desired app or watchface and tap ADD to add the item to the Pebble app.