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    Which smartwatch has the best battery life (after Pebble)?

    Hello, I'm saddened by the news of Fitbit acquiring my favourite smartwatch maker, Pebble. I don't want a Fitbit smartwatch but I wanted to upgrade from my original Pebble to something newer in the near future. I was hoping to get one of the new Pebble watches but they are obviously not being...
  2. G

    What Fitbit's Pebble Acquisition Means for You

    Pebble has ceased operations after Fitbit bought it. And that could impact your Pebble watch down the road. What Fitbit's Pebble Acquisition Means for You : Read more
  3. J

    The ultimate smart home guide for Pebble owners

    The Pebble smartwatch is one of many wearables that help monitor more and more of our lives. If you own one of these devices and are looking to do more than just monitor your steps or alert you to incoming SMS, you’re in luck. Here is our ultimate smart home guide for Pebble owners. Get more out...
  4. D

    software installation on Pebble Steel watch

    I just got a Pebble Steel and downloaded Onetouch Move app but can't figure out how to get it on the watch. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  5. CherlynnLow

    Pebble Time Round Review: The Most Beautiful Smartwatch

    The Pebble Time Round is the sexiest smartwatch yet, but it makes some sacrifices for its good looks. Pebble Time Round Review: The Most Beautiful Smartwatch : Read more
  6. tomsguideUS

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals: Smartwatches

    Here at the Tom's Community, we love tech. We also love bargains. And Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best days of the year to score the best tech at rock-bottom prices! We know that our readers are some of the most savvy around, and that you'll know about some of the best Black Friday...
  7. CherlynnLow

    Finally, Pebble Makes a Sexy Smartwatch

    Pebble's latest smartwatch the Time Round is mind blowingly gorgeous Finally, Pebble Makes a Sexy Smartwatch : Read more
  8. G

    Can not go to settings on my phone for pebble apps

    When I click on the settings option on my phone in the Pebble app it will not go into the settings window so I can set settings. Has any one else had or has this problem. I have unloaded, deleted and re-loaded apps several times but they still won't let me go into the settings screen. Have also...
  9. tomsguideUS

    What's Your Favorite Watchface?

    One of the best parts of owning a smartwatch is personalizing it with new bands and watch faces. Your watch might have the same functionality as others, but it doesn't have to look like it. Smartwatch watch faces are the new phone wallpapers. We're going to show you some of our favorites here...
  10. tomsguideUS

    Smartwach Tutorials and How-To's

    Smartwatch Tutorials Android Wear Add Voice Actions on Android Wear Extend the Battery Life on Your Android Smartwatch[/url Reset Your Android Wear Smartwatch to Factory Settings Enable Custom Notifications on Android Wear Change the Watch Face on Your Android Wear How to Take a Screenshot of...
  11. tomsguideUS

    Pebble MegaThread: Reviews, Links, Resources & More!

    Introduction Pebble produces smartwatches that work with both iOS and Android smartphones. Their e-ink screens may not be the most beautiful around, but the tradeoff is significantly longer battery life than other smartwatches. The Pebble started as a Kickstarter project in 2012 and took off...
  12. CherlynnLow

    New Pebble Watch Coming Feb 24, May Finally Get Color

    Pebble is gearing up for an announcement this Tuesday, and if the rumors are true, the E Ink smartwatch could finally get a color display. New Pebble Watch Coming Feb 24, May Finally Get Color : Read more
  13. viveknayyar007

    Install Google Now on Your Pebble

    Google Now is an assistant for Android devices. That being said, if you are an iOS fan and use Pebble smartwatch, you may still want to install Google Now on your Pebble in order to receive the notifications right on your watch itself. To install Google Now on your Pebble watch, the watch must...
  14. viveknayyar007

    Create Your Custom Firmware for Pebble

    Creating custom firmware for your Pebble smartwatch allows you to use the hardware of your watch as per your individual settings. With custom firmware, you can eliminate unwanted features or built-in programs, add preferred/new languages, etc. to your Pebble smartwatch, making it a device...
  15. viveknayyar007

    Search and Play Music on Your Pebble

    Instead of scrolling and searching music files on your iPhone, you can now look for and play your desired music using your Pebble smartwatch. Once you have located a music file available on your iPhone, you can play the file right from the watch and listen to the audio output on your iPhone...
  16. viveknayyar007

    Manually Update the OS on Your Pebble

    After purchasing your Pebble smartwatch, you may want to update its operating system periodically (i.e. every time a new version of the OS is released by the manufacturer). The best way to update your Pebble smartwatch is by initializing the update process manually. This process allows you to...
  17. viveknayyar007

    Fix Update Bug on Your Pebble

    It's possible that while updating the operating system on your Pebble smartwatch, you may experience some issues. In order to fix this, a small tweak can be used which involves turning off the Bluetooth in both devices (your phone and the smartwatch), restarting the devices, and then turning...
  18. viveknayyar007

    Fix Connection Bug on Your Pebble

    If your Pebble smartwatch has already been connected to your iPhone and you want to connect it to another smartphone, you may face connection errors during the process. This bug can be resolved by letting both of the connected devices forget each other and then connecting the smartwatch to the...
  19. viveknayyar007

    Find Your Authentication Code on Pebble

    After you have configured two-step verification for your Google account, every time you try to sign-in to the account, you can receive the authentication code right on your Pebble smartwatch instead of getting it on your mobile phone. You can configure your Pebble smartwatch to receive...
  20. viveknayyar007

    Use the Pebble App Store on Your iPhone

    As a proud owner of a Pebble smartwatch, accessing Pebble App Store to get various apps or watch faces for your smartwatch would be a common practice for you. If you have an iPhone and have connected your Pebble watch with it, things can become remarkably simple. You can use the Pebble App...
  21. viveknayyar007

    Use the Pebble App Store on Your Android

    Pebble is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, and you can use Pebble's apps with both. Here is how you can access Pebble App Store using your Android smartphone: ■Turn on your Android smartphone by pressing the power button. ■Tap the Menu icon to go to the apps list. ■Locate and...
  22. viveknayyar007

    Check Your Battery Level on Pebble

    Battery is a critical part of your Pebble smartwatch. It is important that you keep checking the watch’s battery regularly so that you can charge it when the battery is low. In order to make things simple when it comes to checking the battery level, you can install the Battery card which, when...
  23. viveknayyar007

    Clear Notifications on Your Pebble

    If you think your Pebble smartwatch has too many notifications, it is time to clear them from your device. Clearing the notifications from your smartwatch, in addition to making room for new notifications, also improves your device’s performance. In order to remove the notifications from your...
  24. G

    How to Set Up Pandora on a Pebble Smartwatch

    Pebble is a smartwatch that works with both iOS and Android. You can also install Pandora on it and listen to countless of music. Here's how to add Pandora to your Pebble smartwatch. 1. First, install Pandora on your phone and create an account. You will get an activation code which you will...
  25. R

    How to Connect a Jawbone UP24 to a Pebble Smartwatch

    The Pebble Smartwatch works with your smartphone and has tons of apps. One such app that can be connected to a Pebble Smartwatch is Jawbone UP24, which is a health app that works via a tracking device, and the instructions listed below will show you how to connect the two together. 1. Opening...
  26. A

    Dealing with Screen Tearing on Pebble Steel

    The Pebble smartwatch can connect to smartphones running Android and iOS and works similarly to smartphones. One relatively common reported issue for the Pebble, though, is that the screen can become fragmented or “tear,” showing lines and failing to display anything. There are a few things you...
  27. mprospero

    Apple Watch vs. Pebble Steel: What Should You Wear?

    Now that Apple announced the Apple Watch, how does it compare to the Pebble Steel? Here’s how the two wearables stack up. Apple Watch vs. Pebble Steel: What Should You Wear? : Read more
  28. G

    Pebble Gets Three New Colors for Summer

    Pebble's Fresh, Hot and Fly collection adds three bright colors to the Pebble Watch lineup. Pebble Gets Three New Colors for Summer : Read more
  29. G

    New Pebble Appstore Hits iOS Today, Android Coming Soon

    Pebble's recently announced appstore will roll out to iOS devices today, while the Android version is said to be on its way. New Pebble Appstore Hits iOS Today, Android Coming Soon : Read more
  30. G

    Pebble Debuts $249 Steel Watch, Pandora and ESPN Apps

    The Pebble Steel is a premium $249 smartwatch with a stainless steel design and Gorilla Glass screen that offers full access to Pebble's new app store. Pebble Debuts $249 Steel Watch, Pandora and ESPN Apps : Read more