View Sent Messages and Invitations on LinkedIn

When you send an inbox message to any of your LinkedIn connections, or if you send a LinkedIn invitation to any other user to connect with you, your sent messages and invitations are stored in the ‘Sent’ section of your LinkedIn’s ‘Inbox’ folder.

In order to check your sent messages or invitations on LinkedIn, all you have to do is navigate to this folder. You must be signed-in to your account to do this.

Here is how you can view your sent messages and invitations on LinkedIn:

    ■Using any of your favorite web browsers on your computer, sign-in to your LinkedIn account.
    ■On your accounts Home page, click the Messages option from the top-right corner (icon with an envelope symbol.)

    ■On the opened Inbox page, from the left pane, click the Sent option to view the sent messages or sent invitations.

    ■In addition to this, in order to view who has sent you LinkedIn invitations that you have not yet accepted, you can click the Invitations section in the left pane of your Inbox page.

Note: The Invitations section contains the received invitations for LinkedIn connections until they are accepted or denied. Once you accept the LinkedIn invitations, they are automatically removed from the Invitations section.
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