What To Do If Sound Stops Playing While Plugged Into The HTC Vive Headphone Jack


This tutorial will show you the way how to repair your sound if it stops playing while plugged in into the HTC Vive Headphone Jack. You will need to check couple of things and you will solve your problem. To do this successfully follow this steps:

Step 1. Make sure that the SteamVR is still running.

Step 2. Check the mode of your headset.

  • ■ Make sure that your headset hasn’t gone to sleep.
    ■ If so, move the headset to wake.
Step 3. Make the audio stay audible even when the headset is asleep.

  • ■ If you want the audio to stay audible by using the headset headphone jack even when your headset is not awake, you will need to make some adjustment.
    ■ Set the windows default audio device to Speakers 2- USB Audio Device.
    ■ You can use USB headphones on the spare USB port placed on your headset.
    ■ Because of extra latency is recommended to use HTC- Vive -0 HDMI audio device so you can get the best quality audio.
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