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  1. F

    2 Aux inputs to one output (wireless headset) is this possible?

    Can I take aux output from my screen to get the xbox sound frome there to aux input to my pc, and then make the sound play through my headset. So I can have 2 inputs to one output. Btw this sounds easy but I have a wireless headset, so I guess I would need to force it with a program or...
  2. M

    2.1 system for gaming and movies

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advise on buying a 2.1 sound system for use with my PC. I've done some research and found 3 options that seem to be of good specs and within my price range, but any input will be much appreciated. I'm not a tech wiz, so if my choices are silly I'd like to know...
  3. N

    College Laptop Replacement

    Hi, I'm looking for a replacement for my laptop. I need a tablet with Windows 8.1 that can download software to the system (not Windows RT). I will use the tablet for Microsoft Office and watching videos such as Netflix. My budget is around $900. I was considering the Microsoft Surface Pro 2...
  4. ttg_Avenged

    Logitech G930, it's like it changes from 7.1 to ?.1 surround.

    This is going to be a tuffy to explain. I am using a wireless headset made by logitech. G930. http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g930-7-1-wireless-gaming-headset So, at random times but I haven't noticed it not in game, my headset decides to flip out and change, well I'm not sure, I think...