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  1. BlueFireZ

    Best headphones under $200 CAD?

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been on this site and whoa it has changed. Well, to get straight to the point, I'm basically looking for a new pair of headphones because I recently broke my M40x's, which were great and lasted me 3 solid years (I dropped them one too many times). I was...
  2. twgamerbuilder

    Best Camcorder Under $200

    Im looking to get into film on a budget and was wondering if there were any good camcorder options for under $200. I'm thinking about getting the Canon VIXIA HF R700 but its just a bit too pricy and i would like to know if there is a similar camera that fits my budget. Thank You!
  3. N

    $200 laptop for Minecraft, gmod, csgo, tf2, smite, etc.

    I would like to know a $200 laptop for light gaming on low settings. I honestly don't care about graphics, just fps. The laptop can also be used or refurbished, just as long as it can play light games like Minecraft, valve games, smite and league of legends, while meeting the price point.
  4. T

    $250 Video Camera for YouTube

    I am looking for a camera/camcorder to use primarily for video. I will be using it to record myself performing covers and original songs on YouTube. The footage I will be recording is mainly indoors, usually in low-light. Audio is not an issue because I usually use a Blue Snowball to record it...
  5. InfamousMango

    What would be an excellent GAMING headset for no more than $200?

    I am building my second gaming PC and would like to know some of the best headsets for First Person Shooters as I want the sound advantage. I have absolutely no interest in watching media or music with headphones, I want one that has the best sound quality for games and for no more than $200...