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  1. DiabolusGX

    Question headphone jack not detecting mic. in headphones

    hello everyone, i recent bought new gaming headphones but as there's only 1 3.5mm jack in my laptop (Acer Predator Helios 300 PH-315-51..). So when i plug in my headphones windows won't even detect mic. in headphones it uses default mic of laptop, in sound-> recording there's no headphone mic...
  2. K

    Question Soldering 3.5m jack 5 wires

    Razer headset(man o war wired) broke the jack on it trying to resolder but it has 5 wires so I opened the volume mixer and it had the following SPR+ silver wire SPL+ red wire (silver ish) SP- yellow GROUND-copper Mic-white I need some help as in how to solder it on to a 3.5mm jack 4 pole
  3. Z

    Hdmi Monitor with speakers and 3.5 jack - no sound through jack

    I have an "ASUS VZ249Q 23,8" IPS LED Monitor" with HDMI support and 3.5 jack on it. I wanted to play on my PC with earphones... but because the monitor has speakers.. the sound came from the speakers... even if I connected the earphones to the monitor through the 3.5 jack...didnt work... sound...