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  1. G

    Solved! (SOLVED)Spdif digital audio cable(3.5mm trrs phono plug to coaxial connector)) question

    1.Can this digital audio coaxial cable which is a 3.5mm trrs phono plug leading to a coaxial connector be able to carry 5,1 ch surround sound?The3.5 mm plug connects to my tv digital audio port (labelled spdif)which looks similar to headphone jack socket. Xiaomi mi tv 2 spdif coaxial cable...
  2. Flaze07

    Question using earphone mic on mic port?

    My laptop has different port for mic and headphone. I have successfully used the mic port via the female to female 3.5m, so I know that the port isn't broken, but when I try to plug in earphone into the port ( earphone has mic ), it won't use the earphone mic. Is there any way to fix this?
  3. K

    Solved! Soldering 3.5m jack 5 wires

    Razer headset(man o war wired) broke the jack on it trying to resolder but it has 5 wires so I opened the volume mixer and it had the following SPR+ silver wire SPL+ red wire (silver ish) SP- yellow GROUND-copper Mic-white I need some help as in how to solder it on to a 3.5mm jack 4 pole
  4. Z

    Hdmi Monitor with speakers and 3.5 jack - no sound through jack

    I have an "ASUS VZ249Q 23,8" IPS LED Monitor" with HDMI support and 3.5 jack on it. I wanted to play on my PC with earphones... but because the monitor has speakers.. the sound came from the speakers... even if I connected the earphones to the monitor through the 3.5 jack...didnt work... sound...