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    Xbox One DVI will only display 480p?

    I recently have been attempting to make my Xbox One picture display better. I have a Panasonic Rear Projection TV that supports 1080i. My Xbox One has been using an HDMI to Composite Convertor due to the TV not having an HDMI port. It looks fine, but its cut off on the edges and theres a small...
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    DirecTV keeps switching to 4:3 with Denon receiver

    I just got directv and a new denon s500bt receiver. Randomly my directv will switch to 4:3. The first time it happened I went to the directv video settings and it was auto set to 4:3 so I changed it to 16:9 but it still switches back to 4:3 even though when I check that same menu again and...
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    LG G Pad has gorilla glass?

    Im really into buying the LG G Pad, but theres a possible setback - if it doesnt have gorilla glass. Ive watched some reviews and when the screen is tapped it seems like its "bending" down under the pressure of a tap, which my gorilla glass S3 does not at all. Similar to my ipad mini it seems...