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  1. BlueFireZ

    Need some help choosing softbox lighting

    So I do product reviews in my small-ish room, primarily on a table as I speak and I've decided to buy a softbox lighting kit after using lamps and whatever I can find around the house for so long. I found a kit on Amazon that outputs 1600w, has good reviews for YouTube videos, and is in my...
  2. F

    does a canon 70d worth my money?

    hello guys, sold my p2 broadcast cameras time to buy another set of camera as a replacement. I have a lot of canon camera including camcorder. some one was selling his used 70d for $700 another one was selling 2 nikon d5100 for $800 I didn't personally use a 70d but people were saying that it...
  3. F

    should I buy a 760?

    hello I am deciding between gh4, nx500 and 760d. I already used 760, 5d, eos m3, 500d, 700d, hdr fx7, fx1000e, arri amira, black magic ursa and sony a77 I only have 5D, M3, 700d and 500d. I think 760 is sharp enough and a little bit good in low light. gh4 records 4k but I will downscale it...
  4. S

    Between a few DSLRs which one would you recommend?

    Hey so I am looking to get more into youtube and have been searching the web for a while for a good camera choice. I have narrowed it down to the t6i or the t6s and the 70d All seem to be very similar just the t6i/s are newer any thoughts?
  5. M

    Can't get high quality video out of my 70d

    I have a Canon 70d and I can't seem to get the highest quality out of it when posting on YouTube I am editing on Sony Vegas 11 and exporting the videos as .mxf files. Whenever I export a video it looks fine but when I upload it to YouTube it losses a considerable amount of quality. I can't...
  6. T

    Gear Upgrade: Buy Canon 70D or more lenses for t3i?

    Hello all! I would like to preface this post by saying that this is actually my first time on these forums, so thanks in advance for this awesome community. Also, I'm somewhat of an intermediate filmmaker, and you can check out my YouTube channel to see where I'm at (youtube.com/thisisrmm)...