So I do product reviews in my small-ish room, primarily on a table as I speak and I've decided to buy a softbox lighting kit after using lamps and whatever I can find around the house for so long. I found a kit on Amazon that outputs 1600w, has good reviews for YouTube videos, and is in my budget. I would buy it but I'm not sure if its overkill for my small room since I don't have any idea how bright 1600w is.

1600w softbox kit:

Currently I'm using a 70D with a 135mm kit lens to shoot with but I'm getting lots of grain at 1000 iso even with lots sunlight in my room and a few lamps. I'm pretty much trying to get results as the youtuber "Anmar AJ" who also uses a 70D to shoot and gets almost zero grain.

Anmar AJ:

All answers are appreciated.
Stick to bh/adorama for looking up components (and then buy from where you want to). ISO 1000 on a 70D should have near zero noise, it's only after 3200 that the 70D shows significant amounts!.