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  1. dankknightavngr

    Solved! 720p-1080p conversion and vice versa

    What is the best software that can convert videos? My Data plan is pretty Limited(150gb/mo) and 1080p movies is pretty beefy compared to 720p, but 1080p looks way better... Im plannin on downloading 720p vids and just convert them to 1080p... Whats the best software youd recommend?
  2. S

    how to get hdmi converted to 480p instantaniously

    Looking for a low cost set up which allows me to take HD 1080p/720p resolution HDMI input, and output to a RCA 480p resolution to plug into my pc
  3. L

    VLC lags when playing HD videos, but not if I turn off audio

    Sometimes, when I play 720p or 1080p videos with VLC, it lags to the point that I can't watch the video at all. However, if I turn off the audio on these videos, it plays fine. I've tried adjusting the caching rate and several other fixes I've found around the web, but nothing seems to work. Help?
  4. Kybz

    Will Lowering Resolution Increase Frame Rate? [PS4]

    Some games like Assassin's Creed Unity have such bad fps like 24 when I run in 1080p. If I lower the resolution to 720p, will the fps increase to a playable frame rate? If not, is it possible to increase fps by any other way?
  5. MorrowindExplorer

    How to Convert SD 480p to HD 720p on a iMac

    I want to convert some of my SD movies to HD Movies, I would like to play them in 16:9 720p but how would i accomplish that, and with what kind of program (The Program can be Paid or free) and i am using a iMac Late 2006
  6. Z

    What to choose?

    Hey, i have started a YouTube channel and have been looking for some time at purchasing a good camera. I am wanting an Action Camera and a Camcorder/DSLR. I am so lost in what to choose there are just so many options! I have used a Fuji Film S4300 and do like the quality, but I don't like the...
  7. Z

    Rendering to 1080p/720p Fraps + VirtualDub

    Hello Everyone, I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but I was wondering how I could potentially upload 720p and 1080p videos to youtube. Currently I have the hardware to do so. I can record full size w/ fraps in 1920x1080 resolution w/o any fps problems. The software I am currently...
  8. N

    Y400 vs Y500

    Hello I am trying to decide between the Y400 and Y500 the screen size does not matter to me. Which laptop is better in terms of performance. Also is a 1080p screen noticeably better than a 720p? Is it worth the extra $100? Y500-$799.99 USD Processor 3rd Generation Intel Core i7-3630QM...