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    Amp plus dac for beyer dt 770 pro 80ohm

    Hello everybody, i have the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 80ohm version. I have for a long time used the reciever/amp for my speaker system at home, however, i have decided to get rid of these, wherefore i need to get an amp/dac for my headphones. The headphones are primarily being used in my laptop...
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    beyer dt 770 pro 80 rattling, need amp?

    So recently, I recieved my beyer dt 770 pro 80. I got the 80 ohm version, because I will get an amp pretty soon. Now, I listened to Lean on, and Marian Hill- one time. In the start of both these songs, when playing through my laptop or desktop, its rattling. Now, if I play the excact same song...