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    I'm nervous about buying a Macbook- will it be powerful enough for my needs?

    Hi there guys, I hope this is the right place to ask this. I am a videographer, and I have always been a PC user. I need to upgrade my laptop, and the company I do most of my work with is Mac based, so they are encouraging me to switch to a Macbook Pro, so that I can work on projects in Final...
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    Sony Vegas / Adobe After Effects editing problem

    Hi guys, So I created a simple Music Visualizer in Adobe After Effect(link1), no problems there.. if I render it as an AVI the raw file is way to large (15Gig) for a 2.45min song. Instead I use H.264(.mp4) to keep the file size small. The problem comes when I import the visualizer into my...
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    After Effects Slo Mo won't Sync With Audio

    I have this one video that starts off at normal time with the audio in sync and when I get to the section of the video that enters slow motion time warp, the audio continues to play at the same pace as the beginning of the video. Is there anyway to sync up the audio with the slow motion? Thanks