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  1. sm1ley

    Most accurate CPU temperature measuring software?

    Hello, So i own an AMD A10 6800K APU paired with R7 250X Vapor-X 1GB My question is what is the most accurate software to check CPU temps? Because i dont want to restart my PC just to go to the Bios to check temps! HWMonitor says one temp ,AMD Overdrive other , Bios third! NOTE:The GPU temp is...
  2. A

    laptop for 3D modeling and rendering under 750$ . 50000 INR

    Iam an architect student.Iam planning to buy a laptop under very low budget 750$ . 50000 INR. archicad ,cad,sketchup,lumion are the software i use. Which is best, amd a10 or i5 ? Is these software are single threaded? And help me to choose a good laptop under this budget. And i dont like hp and...
  3. W

    apu upgrade - need to know if this will work

    Hi all, I am trying to put off building a desktop for a while and was thinking that my laptop isn't bad off as it is but would like to spend a little money upgrading a few things. I have already expanded the ram to 12GB but I am hoping that I can upgrade the APU from A8 to A10 and then the...
  4. Z

    Buying a Laptop - AMD A10 or INTEL's i7?

    I've been having a good hard look for a laptop around the £350-400 price range and I'm drawn between these two: AMD Quad Core A10-4655M 2GHz 8GB RAM + 1TB HDD 15.6" LED Display AMD HD7620G + Webcam £400...
  5. S

    Help me decide between this 2 laptops. (Programming/Gaming)

    Hi, I'm looking for help because I can't decide between 2 laptops. I need a laptop to programming and a little bit of gaming (any new game). I only have 600$ so I found this 2 laptops but I can't decide because I need to dual-boot Windows 7/8 and Linux (Maybe Ubuntu). So, I don't know wich will...