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Sep 1, 2015
Hi all,

I am trying to put off building a desktop for a while and was thinking that my laptop isn't bad off as it is but would like to spend a little money upgrading a few things. I have already expanded the ram to 12GB but I am hoping that I can upgrade the APU from A8 to A10 and then the wireless card as well.

Model: Asus k55n-ba8094c
APU: AMD A8 4500m

I would like to know if anyone knows for sure that I can replace the current APU with either an AMD A10 4600m or AMD A10 5750m, and if the process is going to involve more than removal and replacement of the actual part and updating the drivers etc..

I don't want to buy one and it not fit or require some sort of higher level tech knowledge to fix as I currently only have the one computer available to me for research and if I mess something up I'm sort of stuck without guidance.

Outside of this, would anyone be able to recommend a decently priced AC Band wireless card that would fit my model, or even suggest I just buy an AC adapter (which would be annoying to always have to have plugged in.

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