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    HDTV volume control with analog amplifier

    I just purchased a LG 43UJ6300 TV and I want to output the sound to an old analog 2 channel Sony amplifier. This TV only has a toslink optical out, so I purchased a PROZOR DAC to convert the optical signal to analog. This does work, but I lost the ability to adjust the TV’s volume via its...
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    Branded Media Streaming Device with 5.1 RCA output for LF LR RF RR Sub and centre ?

    I have a custom built 5.1 speaker with analog inputs LF LR RF RR Sub. I want a media streaming device like Roku, Amazon Fire TV kind of, to connect my TV and 5.1 Speakers with the options to connect USB external hard disk to watch bluray movies. I dont want multiple hardwares like Optical to RCA...
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    Weird volume issue between HDTV and Sony DH810 using ARC

    After using my Sony DH810 home theater receiver for about 6 years, I'm having a weird problem and I can't pinpoint it. All of the sudden, my receiver is showing the input from the TV ARC HDMI as an analog signal and there is no volume at all. When I try to switch the receiver back to auto...