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  1. B

    Solved! Avast restart request

    So i got avast a few days ago because of a virus scare. now, without reason, it is asking me to restart my computer. i told it to remind me in four hours. so three more hours and it will remind me. this is my first thread so forgive me if it is weird. there was no reason for me to restart my...
  2. G

    Solved! Phone keeps opening tab/displaying ads on its own

    Been dealing with this for a few weeks now, but my phone will randomly open Chrome (and, if I'm already in Chrome, a new tab) to some website about downloading a crypto browser app. Then two days ago, I also started getting some drop down ad on my screen itself of some not-Facebook ad (It's...
  3. E

    Question Windows Defender and Automatic Sample Submission

    Could you please help with a few questions about Defender Antivirus in Windows 10, after recently getting the 'review files' question, clicking send, only to find nothing happened as the file had either moved or been deleted, I am wondering wether to use Automatic Sample Submission, I had...
  4. DCB007

    Solved! Virus in my laptop

    I downloaded something from torrent . After that I installed that. When that completed , my doc and pfd files had extra extension “.hese” and a new window was popping up again and again with address:- “”. Areadme file also was there with them, in which it was written that your...
  5. non hacker

    Solved! Do I need antivirus

    Do I need to have a downloaded antivirus, isn't windows defender good enough? I did once have an antivirus program called Comodo. I have had once had windows defender, not like a program but Comodo didnt think it was a virus. I just want to know if I need an extra antivirus or not.

    Question How to recovery 360 security log ?

    Hi My 360 total security has delet some files that are not a virus i want to recovery them how can i do that ? note I see the deleted file in the log I’m sorry for my poor English
  7. Dark Lord of Tech

    Do you use : No Antivirus , FREE Antivirus , or PAID Antivirus and why?

    Do you use : No Antivirus , FREE Antivirus , or PAID Antivirus and why. Please leave comments on why you do or don't use an Antivirus. Thanks for your time, Blackbird.