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    Question Hello, I have AOC u2868pqu and also no sound coming out of the built-in speakers. I found out the speakers only work only when PIP/PBP is turned on

    Hello, I have AOC u2868pqu and no sound coming out of the built-in speakers (audio-in cable in Audio-in port). I found out the speakers only start working when PIP/PBP is turned on (even with nothing as secondary source) and Audio is set to ON in PIP settings. speakers become mute again as soon...
  2. R

    Virtual reality and 3D

    Can AOC AG241QX run VR or 3D If I have a Zotac gtx 1070 amp extreme
  3. M

    How can I put headphones into an AOC computer?

    I would like to listen to music on my AOC computer. However, I do not know how. This is a really stupid question. The screen is AOC, but the actual PC itself is Windows. At school - I'm in my last year - there aren't AOC's, but the monitors are under the tables so we plug them into the side of...
  4. L

    My AOC speakers are not working!

    So I bought myself a AOC i2473Pwm monitor with speakers built in it. The problem is that when I unplug my headphones there is no sound comming out from the speakers. I have made speakers mode on from the menu but they still don't work. Can I get sum help pleaze!
  5. D

    Help me decide between this 3 TV's

    The Options are LG 39LN5400 39" Samsung UN39FH5005 39" AOC LE48H454F 48" (100 bucks more than the other 2 but still afordable) I'm looking for screen sharpness and good response time (not much lag), this is why the 48" option is still an option for me because if any of the 39" are much...
  6. H

    Whe I turned on my Aoc computer monitor there wa a huge square on it where it messed up display image it stretched the whole s

    I need help to figure out a problem with my new computer monitor. It's from AOC and I bought it from amazon :??:
  7. Icemansun

    Computer not sending Any Output to any HDMI/USB/DVI Port

    First of all, I'd like to say that I have no idea if this is the write section to be writing this in. So I'm sorry if I put this thread in the wrong section. Anyways, now onto the problem. I was playing a video game, when all of a sudden, my computer just randomly shut down. There was no...
  8. C

    IPS vs VA for general use monitor

    I'm looking to upgrade my second monitor which is for general use, specifically work and videos. With a budget of £200 I have been looking at AOC I2769VM (IPS) or Samsung SyncMaster S27C590H (VA) (both 27") as I already have a 27" monitor. Which would you recommend or do you have an...