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  1. MiketheDilletante

    Question Edifier R1280DB won’t play audio from Apple TV through optical cable

    I recently dipped my feet into the speakers game and bought Edifier 1280DB. It’s a beginners set up, and I have it hooked up to my AT turntable through line 1, a Walkman through line 2, and through an optical cable it’s connected to my Vizio. Connected to my Vizio via HDMI is an Apple TV and a...
  2. MiketheDilletante

    Question Can you have two streaming devices connected to AV receiver at same time?

    Hi there. My boyfriend has had his home theater system set up very simply: his Yamaha AV reviewer connects to this LG TV via ARC, and the Amazon Fire Cube is plugged into the receiver’s HDMI “in” port. It works fine, everyone was happy. But then he decides to connect an Apple TV 4K he had lying...
  3. F

    HDMI board on LG TV gone, want to connect Apple TV with RBG but no sound

    The HDMI ports on my LG TV stopped working and now just show "no signal". I don't want to buy a new TV yet, so got a RGB converter (because I like the higher quality HD) and a digital audio cable to transmit the sound. Tested Apple TV and HDMI cables - all fine. I have plugged the Apple TV into...
  4. K

    Where can I find the best website for Apple ipad air 2, best price, 17 inch apple mac book pro and iphone 6 S 164gb

    looking for all best price Apple 17 inch Mac Book Pro Lao Top, I Pad Air 2 largest GB all bells and whistles w/ camera and I phone 6S and Apple TV all bells and whistles.
  5. tomsguideUS

    How to Limit Ad Tracking in Apple TV

    All Apple devices come with ad tracking enabled. This means that advertisers will be able to track your app usage, online movements, and other activity, all so that they can offer targeted in-app advertisements for products, apps, and services you might appreciate. It’s common knowledge that ad...
  6. G

    Latest Apple Updates Still Leave Out Snow Leopard

    The new updates cover iOS, Apple TV, Safari and OS X Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks, but Snow Leopard is again left out in the cold. Latest Apple Updates Still Leave Out Snow Leopard : Read more
  7. G

    Cable Giants Already Fear Apple's Rumored Set-top Box

    Comcast and Time Warner have name dropped Apple's rumored set-top box in a new filing with the FCC, saying it will add to the two companies' lists of competitors. Cable Giants Already Fear Apple's Rumored Set-top Box : Read more