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  1. LeoLuca

    Question Laptop Keyboard Turns Off - Turns Back On When Any USB is Disconnected/Connected

    I have a ASUS GL503VM Laptop (ROG Strix) and it always has the following problem. I turn on the Laptop, entire my Windows PIN, and after the keyboard does not receive input for a few seconds, it becomes unresponsive. None of the keys work. The keyboard becomes responsive again when any USB...
  2. A

    asus computer stuck in bio utility ex mode.

    i’ve tried restarting, enabling cms, resetting default settings and changing boot order. my model is Q405U and my battery is not accessible. i’m have windows 10. how do i get out?
  3. wamzi

    Solved! ASUS battery design

    so i bought this laptop (asus k566ur) yesterday and i assumed i can't remove battery externally my concern is i remove my battery in the laptop when it's full charge so i will direclty plug it to the outlet but i think the laptop doesn't have a removal in the back externally why is this like...