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  1. joyesmoke

    Question ASUS ROG G750J won't turn on

    Howdy guys. My English not so well, but let me imagine the situation. One of fans stop work and I open laptop. Then I short circuit this: When I do it I forgot to switch off laptop! After that it's won't turn on. This thing too hot when I plug AC adapter...
  2. A

    Getting low framerate and overheat on my gtx 870m

    Hello. I got this problem recently with my laptop. Asus rog g750j Cpu: I7 4700HQ Gpu:gtx 870m 3Gb Ram:24Gb OS:Windows 10 Recently ,every time i start my computer, my gpu starts throttling it's fan at the highest speed and in a matter of minutes just browsing on the internet the gpu heats as if...