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  1. F

    New headphone recommendations?

    Hey guys, I am looking for a new pair of headphones. I would be using them for hearing music while traveling (to school, vacation...), but also for some sports, like some lifting and maybe seldom some running. I prefer over- and on ear headphones over the in ear ones. But because of using them...
  2. C

    NFC or bluetooth sports headphone?

    Hi Guys, I am trying to buy a new "sports headphone" to be used at the gym. Unfortunately, where I am, I only either have bluetooth 2.0 + NFC or Bluetooth 4.0 (only 1 or 2 options) without NFC. I am really keen on NFC, as I have a S4 and really keen to try NFC, would really appreciate any...
  3. JMcEntegart

    PICTURED: Motorola DROID Shadow Found at Gym

    A Motorola DROID Shadow has turned up at a gym. PICTURED: Motorola DROID Shadow Found at Gym : Read more
  4. T

    Recommend a mp3 player that has long battery life.

    I currently have a piece of crap mp3 player. I bought it for $12.99 so I can't complain. It's been an okay player except for the fact that the battery is inconsistant. I would charge it for a few hours only to have it die on me again after thirty minutes of use. Sometimes it charges and...
  5. jay2tall

    Sandisk Sansa e280 Good Call or No?

    SO my Rio Forge finally took a crap, well not completely. It randomly shuts off if I wiggle the headphone plug and its annoying when at the gym. So I actually researched and ordered a Sandisk Sansa e280 which is the 8GB model for $130 off newegg. So what are your thoughts on this. It seems...
  6. M

    Nano or Something else

    I currently have the creative labs zen vision m(which is great) but im looking for something small that I can use at the gym that wont be so large/heavy. I was looking at the 8 gig nano but dont want to be an isheep. Anyone have recomendations for something similar in size/space that I might...
  7. L

    mp3 player durability

    Ive dropped a 30 pound weight on my Ipod at the gym, it did leave a permanant mark on the screen, but this really made me a beleiver that just the durability of this player is worth the extra money. My friend has the Dell Jukebox, he dropped it and it broke. Anyone heard anything about Nomad...