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    Getting 4 speakers to all play (only the front two output audio).

    Hello! Recently I purchased and setup 4 JBL LSR308's Currently, if I play music I will only be able to hear 2 of my 4 speakers play (the front two) Is there a way to get all 4 speakers to play no matter what media I'm using? I assume there is a software or something out there for this. I'm...
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    audio app suggestions

    Hi, new here. I'm looking for suggestions for an app that can do three things: sequence midi, record wave files, and mix the two for playback. I'm willing to spend some money ($100-$200) if its worth it, and something that comes with patch-in hardware would be nice, but any suggestions would be...
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    Is there a way to use a system wide dynamics compressor from within Windows?

    I have the fairly common problem that occurs when 5.1 mixes are converted to stereo mixes: there is way too much dynamic range in the sound. In other words, I have to turn the volume up to 100% just to hear the dialog, but then my ear drums get blown out when there are loud sounds like...