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  1. COOLGUY173633

    Solved! Headset audio not working properly.

    So, I have a gaming headset (ROG Delta core) which works just fine, because i pluged it into another computer which has a headset jack where i didnt need to use the headphone splitter in that other computer lets name the computer in which the headset works fine computer A and my computer "B"...
  2. shahriar.ratul3123

    Solved! Why do I get static /sparking type of noise from my earphone when I play any sound/music suddenly ?

    Actually, when I play any sound/music on my laptop, I get a static/sparking type of noise from my earphone. It happens once at the beginning when I play something suddenly. It occurs every time while playing any music after a short time of pause. And it feels so noisy that it seems like someone...