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  1. M

    Audiovox FP2000 seems cracked

    My Audiovox FP 2000 seems to be cracked. As I run my hand over it its smooth. When I turn it on it looks like a baseball hit it and cracked it from the inside. After I have it on for a few minutes it starts to smell awful. It still shows a picture, on the part of the screen which has not been...
  2. L

    Download directly to SDCard - on Audiovox T752 Android tablet

    I have searched everywhere on here and. NONE of anyone's solutions have worked for me! I have an Audiovox T752 tablet with a 32 GB SD card. When I try to install a new app, I get the error message, insufficient space to others on here have mentioned. I have moved apps to the SD...
  3. LongwayToFuture

    Solved! Professional Headphones best quality

    Hi im looking to buy Professional Headphones best quality for Video and Audio editing,and something for when i'm outdoor in the wild tu record wildlife on. any recommendation that will be great thank you..