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    My computer starts typing on its own.

    My computer starts typing 1 and 0 everywhere I go. (any Internet page, or in-game chat). It keeps opening Windows Media Player and Windows Explorer. This happened only once, 5-6 days ago and I thought it's gone but it isn't. Anyone can give me some tips?
  2. Can You Help Me Please

    Is There Any Music Software (NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT COSTS) That Can Automatically Sync A Video/Audio Perfectly

    I am a video dj. I remix a lot of music videos in my DAWS. Usually if I can find a video that goes with the audio remix, usually I remix it in my video dj software. Currently I use Cross DJ which has great high quality video outputs. The problem is that when I record a video with the song, a lot...
  3. BlueFireZ

    How to stop YouTube from automatically playing a video

    In this tutorial I'll be explaining how to get rid of that annoying feature (to most people), of playing another video automatically after you finish watching one. Disabling it is super easy and you'll wonder why you didn't see it. Follow the simple steps below to disable this feature! 1. Open...